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    • Wurth HHS Adhesive Lubricant 500ml - 08931065

    Wurth HHS Adhesive Lubricant 500ml

    £12.99 (inc VAT) £10.82 (exc VAT)

    Product Description

    EP long-life spray grease with a high protective factor against weathering and ambient influences. Suitable for exposed lubricating with heavy dirt and weather influences, e.g. gearwheels, bearings, wire cables, spring balancers, journal bearings and much more. HHS Lube is ideally suited for exposed outdoor lubricating thanks to its low adhesion of dust and dirt. The highly viscose spray grease with anti-wear and anti-corrosive properties is also ideal for lubricating door pins, hinges, sliding rails, chains, chain wheels, cable winches, spindles, gearwheels, toothed racks and much more.

    • Low adhesion of dust and dirt
    • Ideal for open lubrication outdoors
    • Longer lubricating grease life
    • Outstanding sealing behaviour
    • Extends lubrication intervals
    • Resistant to salt water and spray water, weak acids and bases
    • Outstanding corrosion protection
    • Lubricant does not wash off
    • Resistant to oxidation
    • High pressure load of lubricated parts
    • EP (extreme pressure) additives for extremely high pressure resistance
    • Outstanding noise and vibration damping
    • Minimises wear and substance loss of lubricating points
    • Reduces friction temperature which extends the lubricating effect
    • Low wear
    • Free from silicone, resin and acids

    Product Videos

    Würth HHS Adhesive Lubricants 09:29

    Würth HHS range of adhesive lubricants cover all major viscosity and consistency ranges. From oily and highly creep-active to greasy and highly adhesion-active. This video helps you choose the most appropriate product to ensure you always achieve the best possible result.

    • Würth HHS Adhe...
      Würth HHS range of adhesive lubricants cover all major viscosi...

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