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    • Wurth Diesel Winter Performance Treatment

    Wurth Diesel Winter Performance Treatment

    £5.49 (inc VAT) £4.57 (exc VAT)

    Product Description

    For improving and maintaining cold flowing properties of diesel. For all passenger car and truck diesel engines, buses, construction machinery, including common rail and pump/nozzle systems.Cleans the fuel system, the combustion area and the injection system

    • Prevents gelling
    • Prevents the fuel line and filter from becoming clogged
    • Improves the filterability of diesel fuels
    • The diesel engine functions even at low temperatures (can be used down to -31°C, regardless of the diesel fuel)
    • Easy to use, as it is self-mixing
    • Compatible with all standard diesel and bio-diesel fuels
    • Economical
    • 150 ml are sufficient for max. 70 litres.

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