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    • Wurth Bond & Seal All-in-One Seam Sealant 310ml - 0893236120

    Wurth Bond & Seal All-in-One Seam Sealant 310ml

    £23.99 (inc VAT) £19.99 (exc VAT)

    Product Description

    Hybrid-based sprayable and brushable seam sealant for restoring the original structure. For permanently elastic, highly adhesive seam seals, and for restoring the original structure following accident repair work, e.g. in the engine compartment, luggage compartment, floor groups, wheel wells and on all overlapping connecting seams.

    • Sprayable and brushable
    • One product for two applications
    • Broad range of OEM structures can be readily reproduced
    • Solvent-free
    • No material shrinkage after drying
    • Satisfies the latest environmental protection requirements
    • Permanently elastic once hardened
    • Minimises the formation of cracks in the paint, which can be caused by vibrations or compressive loads
    • Excellent stone chip protection
    • Resistant to mechanical damage
    • Can be painted over up to five days later
    • Can be painted over both before skin formation (wet-in-wet) and also up to five days later with all commercially available paints
    • Ideally suited for painting over with water-based paints
    • UV-resistant
    • Very good ageing behaviour, even at unpainted seams
    • Very broad adhesive range
    • Adheres to most surfaces without priming
    • Permanent connections

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